Vaulted Cellar

A huge kitchen fireplace with ovens dominates one end of the room which has a barrel vault with Irish-style wicker centering.

The castle here was the scene of great violence in the Rebellion of 1641 when over 800 Irish rebels, led by Rory Maguire, arrived at Tully on Christmas Eve. The terrified settlers took refuge in the castle but the garrison were away fighting, and Lady Hume was forced to surrender on the promise of a safe conduct for those sheltering inside once the castle and all arms had been given up.

But despite his pledge, Maguire proved false.  He allowed the Hume family to depart, but the remaining 16 men and about 69 women and children were imprisoned in this ground-floor vaulted cellar.  On Christmas Day, they were massacred, and the castle was burnt. It was never occupied again.