Carpark & Interpretive Panels

You are standing in the carpark at Templecorran graveyard. In front of you is a series of interpretive panels that celebrate and commemorate events, people and places with Ulster-Scots significance in this area.

Ballycarry, with its views over Islandmagee to Scotland in the east, is an Ulster-Scots heartland village with strong geographic and historic connections across the narrow sea. 

On May 26th 1609 Wiliam Edmonstone became landlord of this area.  The Edmonstone family had been lairds of Duntreath in Stirlingshire for 150 years previously, and sometime shortly before the year 1607, William and his brother James came to seek their fortune in Ulster by joining Sir Hugh Montgomery’s Scottish settlement in the Ards Peninsula.  When William moved to Ballycarry -or Broadisland as it’s locally known - in 1609 he found a community that was already being settled rapidly by Scots immigrants.  He worked hard to consolidate his new estate both in terms of physical development and new settlers.